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indicated. In general intensive routine surveillance
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by pressure had caused hydroureter and uterine hem
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continued to progress slowly but steadily and was dismissed perfectly well on th
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and still more twisted results later. Neither largeness
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country with the tubes in situ. Having caught cold in Aberdeen
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tained in Sect. of said Chapter relative to the return of
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which may be a stroke of palsy or an apoplectic stroke.
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has lured numy a young doctor to stop in Pueblo long enough
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other evidence to indicate that carbohydrate is caught up in some
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knee. It covered an area the size of the palm and was
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of mucus passed after this attack especially in one of the stools.
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severe abdominal inflammations. Schmidt Gussman and others sup
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fact he had on and off all those years required treatment for some
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phy of the left ventricle is present the superficial area
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plain all the phenomena observed if it could be proved that the cord
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remain to be shown thcit he would necessarily have had the disease
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iliac fossa is practically unchanged. The skin over the indurated area is
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quickly. In the sputum of none but influenza patients
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wound. This might be of iniporlance from a medicolegal
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low limit very strongly as I have seen about as many
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pox. It is now ascertained that it is no pseudo membrane but
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avoidance of damp grass by seclusion in houses at night or
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may remain in perfect health for a hundred and fifty years and
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stitution which furnishes the best seed bed for cancer. For example it


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