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Dr. L. Jones, Cambridge ; Mr. t. E. Jowers, St. Leonards. (K) T. N.

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necessary part of his duty, report to the Council any sugges-

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usually employed, but come to the conclusion that they are of

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Unusual Case of Pyramidal ('ataract. Mr. Rockliife :

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three towns were equal to an annual rate of 0. 13 per 1,000 ; iu London tlie

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Editor, 42it, Strand, W.C, London ; those concerning business matters,

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atlas is not invaded, being merely rather redder than usual on section :

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Hermann von Helmholtz has just been issued by Leopold Voss,

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Hospital, charges which we are most happy to think were not

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Son, 1892. 12mo, pp. 212, 28.)— This little book, we are told

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tered broadcast in the schools, and Dr. Eddowes suggested

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I have called this case malignant influenza, although this

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with slight abnormalities of position, and yet be really

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misijivinga consolidation of public hospitals under a Govern-

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deaths rose to 13, and the cases under treatment to upwards of 5.50, The

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Merthyr Local Board on May 2nd, says the Western Mail, the

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our use of the tix collector is made a charge against us.

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and half asphyxiated before chloroform was administered. I

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through the pleural cavity the parietal and visceral pleurae

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increased, as already pointed out. Having had the advantage

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to be found, or to help an invalid to lay out his route in ac-

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bers. Their members had to pass an examination in botany,


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