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they possess, they possess in common with him. In their shallow
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able in the annals of science and medicine was 1716. It
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Disposition to exaggerate malady and Disposition to melancholy and hypo-
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might almost be called " normal " in the pregnant woman commonly affect
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cortical, and I still think so ; it is often unattended with anaesthesia, and
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punishment which the community awards to such acts than of that which
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considerable duration, for which no cause can be assigned. Attacks of
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Eczema of mamma. — The form which affects the nipple and areola
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are 9.900 and 10.275 gm, respectively. Hence the weight
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In rare cases the disease has followed exposure to cold, acute diseases,
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equivalent focal length. For examples it will be found that the
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to aphonia or suffocation. According to Kaposi, even the larynx may be
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so injurious an effect on the brain that the child becomes imbecile. An
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place for two or three days, when it precipitated fair green
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again. In individual hairs also the whiteness may be partial, being limited
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so acute, Mr. Malcolm Morris recommends biniodide of mercury ; either
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(e) The normal 1-hour drop is 2 to 8 mm for men and 2
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than in any other. They frequently have hallucinations which are
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shortened again in spasm ; so that if, for instance, the fingers and thumb
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telling, utters some eulogy of the teller^ whilst he indulges in
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Table I. shows the percentages of children with each main class of
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The bleeding time is the time that it takes the blood to stop
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side opposite to the cutaneous hemianaesthesia. In other cases, where
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regions usually affected generally takes several years, but sometimes is
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solutions, one must first wet the clean pipette with water,
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either sex, and probably the eruption appears most frequently about
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be entirely absent ; sometimes it is replaced by pricking and burning. I
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asylum inmates are now, thanks to hypnotism, leading active and useful
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forward, and furnishes a somewhat humiliating exposition of the periods
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prevent its appearance. It may be said that a nurse's skill can be


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