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peatedly to have some other advice; but that she was
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fibres between the anterior and posterior parts of the
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whether or not tJie root of the worm — the anchoring part,
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We believe that it will be found safe and agreeable for
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tuted of making life-policies payable during the life
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trars. In this country butchers and bakers were ap-
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is daily increasing. I hope to see the day when it will
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fibroid, of uterus. Dr. McChntock on, 290 ; cystic, of
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at the lower part of the chest — scrobiculus and cartilages
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denotes deep-seated loss of substance of the mucous
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Fitzpatrick, Assistant-Surgeon J. A., 1st Foot, to be Assistant-
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tached from its connection under the supposiiton of
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mate births 10,234, the deaths 67,159, and the marriages
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child is retained beyond the ordinary period. In answer
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analysis of the principal contributions to epidemiological
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a dangerous quantity of the beau tiiken iiilernally.
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•was produced by firm pressure with the stethoscope, at
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projection which they formed on the left side was slightly
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•wet. M. Roger has, however, seen a few cases in chil-
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*' allopath." Dr. Chambers says, and truly, that the word
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pig are obscure. The presence of sublingual vesicles,
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gendered by syphilis, and that by mercury. A patient
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ague, 154; diseases of in schools, 275; discoloration
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by death and of four by resignation ; and the Society
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told, distinctly favourable to his sane condition !
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the duration of the labour. On this latter point, I have
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entitled to receive tlie publications of the .\ssociation of the current
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fant and child life, the vital forces, originated, sup-
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shall think fit," and thus implied that they were to exer-
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hj the greater elasticity of the thoracic wall in the


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