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vent the success of the inhalation of opium. In fact, in the

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It may be said, in relation to the tenesmus, that it is a symptom

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the Inhalers, Magnetic-Bath doctors, Fit Curers, and the like, and they

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nonading, which kept the women for some time in a constant state of alarm,

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what they would be more than pleased to regain — the health yielded

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necessary that all deposit be cleared away, so as to allow the rem-

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and will and must do so, and that frequently, until experience has

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and Maunsell and others, that the disease is almost peculiar to

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of mouth unaffected ; ptyalism considerable. The lower lip, about

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ment and division of labor. — all these have received particular atten-

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may do without marring or changing, in the slightest degree,

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children — and such great benefit has been derived from it,

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which he said he could touch some hard and resistent

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probing is avoided as much as possible, unless when,

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respiration, the most decided, and the most striking expres-

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illustrations. 2d edition. Xew-York : S. S. & W. Wood. 1855. 8vo.,

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When one organ or part suffers, the other organs, or some of

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The third meal of the day, called by some, tea, and by oth-

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accordingly called into requisition. After it had been worked for

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munication with the encephalon all the systems of the body.

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change is found anywhere. Sometimes these abnormal puis*

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The shortest period which can be safely appropriated to sleep

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of the year, and in cold climates, more heat is radiated from

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1. That the aural extremity is composed of roughly-cut India-

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Women. By J. Bland Sutton, F. P. C. S., Assistant Surgeon

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mass of the profession think and act too little for themselves. They

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advises the division of the bony palate also, thus enabling him to

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tual trials shall have to be made, but the operator shall be able at

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warm season; and navigators and travelers relate astonishing

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