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serum of a rabbit that has been vaccinated either with eel

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It is occasionally produced by lead poisoning. It generally commences

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of ipecac tartar emetic or the yellow subsulphate of mercury ij v gr.

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venom for instance that of a deadly snake each sufficient

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the catheter and let it remain as a guide. Then pass a

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the chloride of iron may be administered. Blisters are

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no pus appeared to be present the swelling continued for some days. The

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walls have become too dilated by urine as we have seen already

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This plan was followed until about six doses of each article had

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on the th of February. No autopsic examination was permitted.

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which the haemoptysis is occasioned by coughing and appears

donepezil in vascular dementia a randomized placebo-controlled study

the formation of free nuclei and consequently of coloured corpuscles

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vice president General Calvin Dewitt secretary and C. J.

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simile electrotype on it. For wood aud metal cuts this

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Rush took an active part in the politics of the stirring

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There seems to be no other probable explanation of the effect

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infant mortality in our large cities during the summer

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is against the law of degeneration of the nerve cells for the element

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Laryogological Society and was a prolific contributor

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food at all should be taken. Food is not demanded by

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then and now as pasteurization. This was the simple process of heat

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Cardiac dulness and sounds normal. Pulse of moderate strength. He complains

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diastases originally though it advances science a step beyond

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nuclei or grey ganglia of the medulla are also hyperaemic and

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at tho right frontal eminence about an inch in diameter through

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which were obtained by examining serum are to the same effect. Also

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peasantry in Southern Italy are even more miserable than those of Lom

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Santonin is chiefly valuable as a parasiticide against round

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grave risk of being punished for deserting unless the true nature

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ventricles. The heart is arrested in systole or diastole.

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a foot in diameter. Nearly a year after this his face became remarkably

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dull and shifty weather and the cold east winds of northern

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ance of this plan Mackenzie removed a piece of tissud. Ger

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with perityphlitis. I am anxious to obtain information upon this


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