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searches and reminiscences of New York city. By John

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which the sounds of the heart was perfectly normal. According

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stimulants the effect of different forms of gymnastic exer

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too persistently used aggravate the symptoms they were

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twenty four hours under full spray of carbolic acid five per

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easy to satisfy oneself that the ulcerous stomatitis of which he speaks was

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In a minority of the cases though varying in proportion in

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described in the United States chiefly along the coast of the Gulf

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has isolated from this streptococcus the following substances

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hand through the abdominal walls have not proved sufficient

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this disease it has been proved that Bowman s mendjrane is infiltrated

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close the wound in the abdominal wall with hare lip

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colored. Whenever and wherever adherent it should be freely excised.

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Well I carried out my instructions to the letter and so well pleased

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the head of their anatomists and surgeons. He was the author

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horse whose immense power in traction is got entirely from vegetal

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African disease called sleeping sickness or negro lethargy point to a

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what vegetables can i eat when taking coumadin


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