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tract, to excessive child-bearing, and from prolonged lactation. Direct
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retirement to a retreat or to a home for inebriates, are recommendations
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ively consist of such epithelioid cells derived from the fixed cells. A little
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membrane of the nose is also liable to be the seat of erythema, superficial
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dilatation, yet a great improvement takes piace, in many cases, whether there
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condition of the air passages, offering an obstruction to the entrance of air.
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chronic ulcer. A mechanical lesion of the mucous membrane of the
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of the Toronto course over most of the United States Colleges is
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frequently ruptures under the strain of misdirected efforts made for her
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The spinal cord is usually normal, but the writer has found degenerative
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the body, it is possible by giving the latter to reduce the breaking
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* Thisobfervation may be true wich regard to brutes, but
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This is a chronic enlargement of the tonsils, which may result from
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The secondary growths in the liver may be so large as to obscure the
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frequent after that as age advances. Its onset is seldom sudden but
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Disease of the kidney is the most common abdominal cause of
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hydrochloric acid secreted, to a less extent in the amount of pepsin. In
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"mal chimiquc" as it is known in France, antiseptic mouth-washes are
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Cliairin:>ii Committee on Preparedness, Southern Medical Association.
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with black, it is termed an ennined, or patched bal-
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lo bear iht Spanilh >oke, they breed fewer mules,
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shifting pains in back and limbs are prominent during the early stages.
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heavy, and he leans it againft: the manger ; his ears
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'' When a critical {"welling appears on any part, all
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does tlie (Irucfture of their ftomachs admit of it.
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frequently occurs. The heightened colour of the urine is due to the
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owing to the comparatively narrow space with bony walls, and the
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bones, the hsematogenic function of bone marrow tends to become impaired.
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and leaves off as foon as he has eaten a mouthful or
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of thefe is equally dangerous to the wound, and ren-
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and the proper ventilation and temperature of the sleeping apartment must
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From implication of the rectum, a sort of false dysentery is frequently
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is inflammatory redness of the mucous membrane of the stomach and duo-
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the danger is in proportion to its violence and du-
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excreted in the course of a day under these conditions. The average
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