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irritation, cold to the head, as the head was hot, &c; and
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tion throughout his life." Ideally the student should be
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Post Mortem Examination. — Every part of the air tube
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able, begin with two or three grains of quinine in solution, two
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fluence of anodynes, to be followed, after the subsidence of
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mation; toughness of os uteri; extreme rigidity, &c. We
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- Do not assist the patient in removing clothing (If
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either chill or fever ; and when the patient is interrogated he
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The myopic eye is one by which distant objects cannot
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ject of reform, with a view of improving the practice and
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disease, if the case proves fatal during the irritative stage
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There is considerable personal equation in reports on
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Tumor Conference, Dakota Midwest Cancer Institute - 12:00 noon McKennan Campus, Info: Norma Wise, 339-8568.
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physicians who consult on a continuing basis. This was
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two-thirds of the distance from the upper margin to the
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pustule. It was only on September lltli that I discovered that
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"Nve have to account for eighty-one instances of the disease ;
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good results and says this method is applicable up to the
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of the flue from the floor and sides, and without the fear of
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heart, of substances having a more solid consistence than its
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seldom give the time and attention necessary for a cure ; and,
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executed in all respects. After reading the title, we op-
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of how long I might be in traction and if I’d need
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are greatly influenced by the practice of the art, instead of the
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— as a week of stercoraceoiis vomiting, the i-emoval of
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also had some recognition plans for him from the District
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any sort of reliable deduction that will apply to all cases, and
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difference, that the exulcerated glands are surrounded by
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reconcileable. But the principles here stated embrace and give
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The following causes, with others, operate to produce pro-
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imitating, to some extent, muscular contractile action, the
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"On the eighth day, the cauterization was repeated, the
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much to ask. You’ve put in a full day of listening,
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treatment of these cases is in feeding the patients. After
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cancer were present, (cachetic cancerous tinge of the skin,
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prevalent. Future research should also utilize a larger,
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is greater than that which requires an eight, and the fraction ^
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Emerging Infectious Diseases, Info: Larry Finney, MD, 331-3490.
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theory ; and he explains the action of the vaiious " antiseptics,"
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under the gas-fixture of the room. Instead of paying
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may serve to give our readers some conception of a sur-


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