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WHEREAS an early Medical Society president sparked the

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its natural condition. The patient should by this time feel

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stood by my side all along the way and never stopped

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tially affecting mucous surfaces notably the upper portion of the res

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the child errs then the blame may be placed on the shoul

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of fatal cases and recoveries showing how necessary

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niann s i xperiments were all jjcrforined on rahhits under the influence

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ever possible to obtain fluctuation. Tactile fremitus is greatly diminished or

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had seven cases of paralysis agitans under his care during the

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outward to be attached to the pectineal line for about in. The reflected

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implicated. Great pain is evinced with high fever. Treatment

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myocarditis My.F. and eight with an associated mitral valvulitis

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In making a physical examination of the heart allowance must be

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cats and dogs and even to eat snakes alive. The disappear

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lieving pain and enabling the patient to swallow when

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louB j Hnt and bone disease ultimately gives excellent results yet we

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contained in some of the tables we think our author

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stances acquire the property of coagulating milk a property possessed in

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without any evidences during life or at postmortem examination of

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in that the meat milk butter or cheese furnished by the

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of the common percussion of active aneurism to the disease.

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marine cases still occasionally occur owing to the lack of proper and suitable

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siderable reputation in diarrhoea rheumatism insanity

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tea kettle grooms in former days were in the habit of

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example diphtheritic infection in guinearpigs. As in acquired so also in

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from excessive cohabitation intense moral emotions violent pas


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