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the poorest of any sold on northern markets. It is not, therefore,

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nitr.i._M'ii ulii.-li tak.'s |ila.-.' in f.'v.r |iati.'ii1s v l,.'ii ili.'y ar.' iV.l on

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that its individuals were smaller and its growth upon favorable

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p,,„„l.t.'.l K.,..»lt.m an.l Staili..'-''' L- inv.'sti-at.- tl.c .|...'sti..n wl,.'tl..'.'

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28. The visit of the committee to Chicago develoi>ed the fact that the department of

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strongly," said the Secretary, "upon the necessity of such a national

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Dr. Goodrich presented the report of the special com-

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1 uterus mechanically interferes with the function of the small

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cough, became very much emaciated, and died about six weeks after the devel-

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upon varyiiiu' resistaii<-e to tlie flow of the afferent impulse to dirferent

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attempted to transmit the disease to monkeys by means of a Beikef eld

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hetweeii 4.") ami llll per cent. The iirie-aeiil nitroue riiiall.x varies \..

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lungs, or the cervical and hepatic glands and the liver.

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tumor was the rarity of mitotic figures and the com-

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baum. The latter, however, emphasizes certain qualitative changes,

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IV. An Experimental Study of Blood-Pressure and of Pulse-Pressure in Man.

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All this occurred in a thinly settled county, but it shows how long a

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Fig. 3. Tubercle bacilli from culture Case XIV, after passage through sheep.

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penses of the meeting, it is hoped that you will visit

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stanchion and to be properly pinned or nailed to tenon and wedged tightly afterwards.

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encountered both in the canine and human kidney. These latter lesions

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competent and experienced veterinarians have pronounced .the case

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the exaggerated transformations were most clearly shown in the

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Austria, contagious diseases of animals in 1900 328

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Point of inoculation shows no abscess formation, bnt a dense whitish tuber-

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Mr. O’Brien enlarged on the various phases Dr. Muel-

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131. Stbenberg: Published by Hirschsprung. (Hoffmann, Kreuter,

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tells us that he found choroidal tul:)ercles post mortem in 39 out of

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Benzedrine Sulfate, by safely depressing the overweight patient’s appetite,

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line of demarcation. Occasionally rudimentary tracheal cartilages have

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Such levels can be obtained on occasion prior to the

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relieves the constipation, restores the appetite and sleep; with-

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enemas which were retained. She vomited whenever any fluid was given

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must also be extra braced by raking shores running diagonally from the top of the stan-

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Fractures: Daniel L. Yancey, M.D., Springfield, Chairman.

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tumor or spicule of hone wliieh is iesponsil)le f:ir the stimulation. To

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accompained hy a certain amount of mental deraiiffoment.

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partially covered by reports already submitted, and, therefore, a report will not be

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hemlock is used, the distance should be reduced to 16 inches.

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the opinion that in the estimation of the number of islands the limit of

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in the reclining position ; thus the intestines are redistributed to the

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were not placed on the original pasture until May 1, by which time

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