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teristic they sometimes acquire a value which is not in

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tient between the exacerbations giving evident signs of the presence

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greater assurance from no short acquaintance with the original. It remains for

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child after laparotomy and disinvagination by gentle traction.

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of the human body is based on the theory that the Crea

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times to rigor. Nausea is very common and vomiting of acid food

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Suggestions for Reform of Out patient Departments.

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is extremely rare. Myocarditis occurs in a large number of the confluent

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Prognosis. In those cases in which the jaundice is intense the disease

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be necessary to hear in mind that the system has passed through

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of whom had the idiosyncracy reported the result of their

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to me. And every morning and evening I pass the ground

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The diagnosis was serum sickness and no antitetanic serum Avas

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gether. In the first place before Pawlow s discoveries were announced

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that thcie is a connexion between the two atlections seems probable. But Mr

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and size between the cerebrum and its outwai d bony

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line between slight and severe forms is struck by the presence or

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number of such cases. We have investigated the record of

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Mu.LEU M.D Director of the Department of Normal His

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fine courage. In short a very good surgeon is in my

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read while actually studying specimens of the diseases to which

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manding continued treatment or the services of a spe

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the new editiou are those referring to the middle ear

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know numbers of people who owe to my efforts their lives


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