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ties of the shed the triangular gable was likewise covered

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ing the month of May including one from smallpox from

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Pachymeningitis hemorrhagica has been frequently referred

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tachycardia of gt beats but lt seconds in duration in two pa

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since that time permit a better view of this subject which

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dose is taken to the entire relief of bient. If it should

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sufificient number of holes for the seeding tubes a thermometer

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Usage in Pregnancy SaMy ot this product for use during

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Injuries viz. by keeping it warm in Winter and prevent

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of potatoes or bread and four ounces of water or light red wine.

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that when certain parts more especially the pons medulla oblongata

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cerebrum corresponding to the portions of these same bulbs

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special parts of the nervous system as the lateral or posterior columns.

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may be enlarged and the tumor extracted as was a dermoid tumor

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was guaiac negative. The blood pressure rapidly re

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general symptoms of bone disease will be present here as in

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Diagnosis. From inflammation of the conjunctiva by the deep

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ing occurs followed by abdominal pains and diarrhea and the stoob

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Let the artery be taken hold of with a torsion forceps

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extensive revision is deemed necessary the author will

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inclined to think that a little more consideration might with

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upon her nervous system and finally in the early part of

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never occurred to us. The reasoning faculties specially fail. There is

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to benefit every example of simple goitre to which I have

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data. But it is equally clear that the present approval proc

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coal tar industry as Sir Henry R has observed may be ranked the

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child was suffering from an extensive abscess of the neck and

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intrepid but when all had been done that could be done and

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portant. As that is of course imjjracticable for jioor hos

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shaped incision with the attached base just above the ear. This

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IN PATIENTS WITH ANGINA PECTORIS there have been reports of exacerbation of

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whitish tears imbedded in it. It is almost v holly soluble in

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liver is due to degeneration or to infiltration of amyloid matter pre

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See liotsclier J. Die Gesnndheitspflege im Alter der

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of pain in the lumbar region and had several contusions on his

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M. Lepr vost who studied the effects of antipyrine in

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