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able category. The patient was successfully treated

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reported Antihistamines and corticosteroids appear to enhance

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In the Medical School buildings there is an out patient clinic which is

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sibility appeared more lively than before decapitation and the

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A species of gad fly is in the latter part of summer exceedingly


this is to be effected by dashing cold water over the

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aware that I propose a plan of treatment at once new and valuable.

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facts in this branch. The old adage you remember Poor

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increased among males in the registration area though to a rela

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regarded the case as one in which delivery by any other

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existence. They desire that the packing houses remain and do a

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versity School of Medicine when paper was submitted.

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In mild cases it seldom rises above F. After reaching its maximum the

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largely expectant. Even long after antiseptic treatment of wounds had

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Prepared and published at the request of the Albemarle

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testify against them and with many meetings in which indulgence in

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each divisional bath and as the men are bathing their service dress

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The following statistics have been taken from the pam

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ical and practical and also of his perfect command of lan

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full pay s. after twenty five years service on full pay s. after

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Fear of being sued for malpractice is one of the greatest


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