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th electricity must pass through the body of the patient to the

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jieriodicity is revealed in the recurrence of certain symp

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years previously suffered from pain in the back and right

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medical staff of the responsibility requiring the pres

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vessels does not necessarily betoken death from haemorrhage as the blood is

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infrequently happens that during scarlet fever murmurs are heard over

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ond Edition revised and enlarged with Seventy one Illustrations.

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soothing. Give an active purgative in the cow sulphate

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separation and about oz. of pus escaped into the peritoneum.

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There is often found the cause of an eczema in the irrita

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The connection between the bone of the horn flints and the

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an extremely interesting and instructive point the breast

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this treatment was quite certain to restore his sensation and his

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months old when operated and is five years old now. It was rather

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In the following cases we have observed most gratifying results A tuberculous

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without injury to themselves yet may allow the force to

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this is that terrible form which prevails almost exclusively in the

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as an instance of the improvement of the mental powers by

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of the glandular ducts which he believes to be orig

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Etiology. It is a secondary disease and may follow any

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cess is tollowed as nearly as can be. Vomiting will often dis

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biliary obstruction be unequivocally present little

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of the Principle of the Equilateral Triangle for Determining the Direction of

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truded from the socket with pulsations which could not fail to arrest

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of the lymphatic system. A majority of us inhale tubercle bacilli from

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POSTMASTER Send address changes to St. Ronan St. New Haven CT

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tionary or even slowly disappearing may sometimes be successfully

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KNAPP S TECHNOLOGY or Chemistry Applied to very handsome octavo volumes with wood

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of the physical signs as representing abnormal physical

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tainty of the exclusion of tuberculosis and other infectious diseases

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of a doubt that the bedbug transmits the disease. Patton in his report

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interest was noted until the tenth day after the operation. Rabbit

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loid was made by Nencki who determined the formula of an

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tries and had never been in contact with colonial troops.

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bury Mass. to Laconia Belknap county where his health so much improved

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similar although not usually so marked as in the liver and

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the farming people and their families. Different phases of farm life

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tive interference but when the case was fully explained she

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