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pect true orchitis the tunica propria may also be incised. This seems

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tionate for physiological or pathological y direct contact of the inflamed appendix

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carbolic solution as above recommended or a solution

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above the tactile sensibility seems to be abolished though

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general state of the patient for a commencement of absorption of the deleterious

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present the various venereal diseases as clearly as possible

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It is but slightly soluble in water. At first it was

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contractures have been in evidence amongst soldiers

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bags and shirt. In three days the man was a corpse. For

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exposition of this topic which can scarcely be surpassed to the

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if sprinkled before lying down is probably pyrethrum.

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city had a most unenviable reputation. A very large

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suria. Second paper Glycosuria following anesthesia produced

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sensitized with some substance. His conclusions corroborate

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aspirator was used and tweiUy four ounces of fluid were drawn off similar

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in the centre of the building a metallic dish holding one

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These sanguineous discharges unless of extraordinary amount usu

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with the Analysis of the Results of Post Mortem Examinations

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Newberry N. C shows in three years a falling off of intermittent from

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from imperfect preparation of the food in diseases of the

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are in private practice in Orlando. Dr. Lari was a medical

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three sevenths of the whole number fall within the second quinquennium

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Is there usually suppressed perspiration in race horses under

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