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delicate nature. Since there are always sources of error in quan

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to take beef tea and other things they would rather not and this

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tion are absent in a few on the other hand they are

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Dr. LcsK said that when in London last summer he saw

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Do you want your hog wash on these terms There can be only

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of many families by reason of the self denials the always losing

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or calcium deposit as in atheroma. The peri adventitial lymph nodes

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the same series as that used for the preceding experiments was cut up

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children brain hydatids acquire a much greater volume without issuing

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who lamented the abandonment of the only system which

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is abnormally great. The consequence of the direction of the

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tionary or even slowly disappearing may sometimes be successfully

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there is an increasing need by physicians and other

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and ventricles were distended with serum explaining the delirium and

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rapidly being at least ten times as large as it was two months

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blsj bantls mnnulis. Time is a histoi of inflaoied ey ee for

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idly affects a whole limb and reaches the trunk in a few

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the fifth time be presented to this outstanding member


price is s. net. Amongst the contents may be mentioned

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A Dairy Farm must contain the buildings for a dairy

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told that the urine had been passed in the forenoon.

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or nits are visible as small ovoid bodies attached to the hairs.

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and costivenessj had menstruated a few weeks previously. I request

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diseases did not become a subspecialty of medicine until

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of the whole country there seems to be no alternative but to suspend

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Congress of Medical Science that with the assistance

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in the windpipe the crowing of croupy infants and wheezing of

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strual subinvolution in slerility after the birth of one child

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has become permanently shortened and thickened at the expense


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