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brain and its membranes. From the circumstance of these two
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water fell from boiling point to a degree of heat still decided to
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Dr. Hartwig said he had one case occur in his practice. He
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worked with media containing only sodium chloride but con
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a better opportunity for laying the foundation of a
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pioneer in farriery Mr. George Fleming who has left us a legacy
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the literature noted that typical clinical signs in patients
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are formed is as follows. First the interstitial as
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cannot be a major examination if not also a minimum it must at
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In addition to the subjects advertised last week in the British Medi
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This again leads to the loss or impairment of forces which propel the
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scesses etc. has not yet become yearly so general as it well
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saline is subsequently given. The calomel is frequently repeated
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standing severe myelogenous leukaemias. They also appear as
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Dr. John Alrth of Sioux City has been discharged from the
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strong mercurials. Sometimes for the itching a certain amount
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which are grasped by an assistant or a mouth speculum may
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have seen the dignified Doctor Physick in familiar conversation with the
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privilege of driving his carriage through St. James s Park.
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thymol is crystallized from an alcoholi amp solution.
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acid of salicylic acid. Squibb recommends the follow
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plotted as ordinates against weeks as abscissa. Dr. Niven s
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hired for francs a year the convent at the extremity of the Rue
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tended with muddy urine. In the blood of all the animals the


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