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ally unchanged through the cervical and dorsal cord.

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be depended on to the exclusion of more efficient means nor be

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fundamental pathologic processes than has been appreciated. It is also

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and followed by the Camera illustrated by a number of dis

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that other functions of the kidney may be vicariously

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Diseases of the Brain. In hemiplegia the hand and foot of the paralyzed

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injury so often done to the soft parts liy the violent

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kidney already the subject of disease. Such patients at each suc

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womb and not unfrequently over the lower part of the back.

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suppose that he would have lived a good many years like any number

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tional nervous disease from two thirds to three fourths of all cases occur

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of magnitude have been noted in some instances. Larger amounts of

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in full doses at distant intervals or only occasion

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Harm may come from forcing the meat diet when it produces gastro intestinal

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therefore the spray is not only inconvenient but also useless it

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its greater prominence and from the fact that the junction be

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isolated by Wells at Hazaribagh Jail were of the Shiga type Flesner

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daily exercise but not to exhaustion frequent bathing to free

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amount under the skin of rabbits at the end of hours.

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occupied between two and three minutes at the end of which

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of the leg in which permission to amputate was denied. A

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of destruction of function is fortunately never witnessed. Partial

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patient wishing morphine is given a hypodermatic injection of

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victim begins to spend more time outdoors or in the gym

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fessor Clay insists that its efficiency depends upon the genu

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admitted to the Wairam Hospital June. There was dull


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