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expend hundreds and thousands of dollars in bringing forward
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that when the spermatic cord was thus slackened what had
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Frequency at term is. per cent. In premature cases the presentation
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The Society met at o clock A. M. at the Phenix Hotel
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village of North Tawton fchey both lodged in a court having a
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this diathesis and should be regarded as a rheumatic branch of
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stroys the bodies of the vertebrae until they are crushed
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easy to satisfy oneself that the ulcerous stomatitis of which he speaks was
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almost healed the tongue is clean the appetite good.
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Sometimes the enlargement of both the body and the neck of the
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tened whitish or reddish lesions secreting elevated and
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it is not improbable that a fatal termination mav result. It
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the patient was at the time suffering and not from any
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heart and cause diuresis. It may be given to advantage in
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symptoms but had a dirty tongue had dull headache much of
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L. D. aged twenty seven married a resident of Philadel
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uring such phenomena as venous pulse and venous and arter
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much pains to render his work of value to those for whom
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called for. The subjects of the affection are often neurotic and unduly
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Weber is at a loss how to explain the remarkable fact that
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middle life. The article by Dr. Hirschsprung of Copenhagen on Dia
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poison cause a similar vasomotor disturbance which would lead to
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peaa s to have commenced the plan of recording the results of
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manent enlargement left the treatment deserves further trial.
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pastern and bursting continue to discharge. Yellowish
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tion of the activity or cessation of absorption and


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