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in capsule. This was gradually increased. Unpleasant
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Investigations of the epizootic diseases of swine occurring in the neighbor
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tricts. Serious hindrance to the eradication of many destructive
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in with favourable results in ten. It is not stated whether in these
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Discussions and reports from practice were next in order. Dr. Sattler
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their animal life the arteries are very small and the extremi
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Fox show that to early man the animal was regarded as simply
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put down not merely to the indifference of the patient s relations
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the excretion of uric acid is sHght. For instance Hermann gives
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so far overcome perhaps by the uiunanly and treacherous con
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ample in the s the hospital chiefs of staff had limited
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the wound. The arteries of the left upper extremity pulsated distinctly the as.e
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between the middle and lower thirds of the arm the artery
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special state aid and I have prescribed a minimum of time and
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tainly such as to encourage one to enter the advertising
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Strophanthus and digitalis difference in physiologic
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disease by means of clothing and other objects and especialh the
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cachexy or an unhealthy condition not of any one part or texture of
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tnorphia hypodermically this will arrest the vomiting
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Roque and Lemoine studied the urine in cases of malarial fever
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growths echinococcus more rarely cysticercus. Neuro


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