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examination of 1,300 women under the control of the Berlin police he found

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explained the particular point of view and might induce other

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deavoured to excite the system, and gave her spt. lavender,

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as similar to those in man, at least in their essential sub-

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furnished by the analysis and the cure a full year and a half elapsed during which

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had no labour, nor external hemorrhage. I had before feared

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B. H. Operated on for symptoms of dyspepsia. No jaundice

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urobilin. Certainly the acid alcohol extracts of the stools contained

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under my care) has had septic infection of an antrum, for which she was

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territory is likewise permanently larger than normally, but the phenomenon

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mentation; renal phenomena; anemia. Special note is to be made

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Fauces (they cast of in course in the benign kind) Mercurials

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drainage of the gall-bladder, pyloroplasty, gastro-enterostomy,

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congenital bronchiectasis may be due to a dermoid growth invading

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dissect the chemical substances that play a part in the inter-

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not stain by Pappenheim's panchrom and Unna's haemalum and safranin

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Fasiani. The results obtained are summarized by the authors about as

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conclusions was due largely to the following errors: (a) accepting

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Observations sur la nature et le traitement de THydropisie. Par M. Portal,


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