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action relieves pain and lessens the motor unrest of the

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An application for membership from Professor Steers of the California

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this learned and most excellent doctor can be thus carried away with yellow

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Where such tests are being carried out daily perhaps the most convenient

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below. We cannot draw any conclusion as to the intensity or prog

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internal remedy in diseases like those under consideration.

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Treatment. An examination of the eye should always be

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membranous urethra take on the function of a vesical sphincter

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uallj returned to the circulation and on the fifth or sixth

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or act as a diaphoretic whilst thirty will produce active emesis and in

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with intermittent fits of flushing covered with per

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thoroughly digested. This accomplishes two bad results

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dition that a similar amount should be subscribed. It is

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relief of consumptives encourages one to question the wisdom of send

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exercise as soon as the swellings have disappeared. Sometimes in

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of the physician arc needed to direct a diet which will save

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institutions. This furnished an opportunity for all the colleges

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able for a certain amount of this pain admits of no doubt

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rarily freed from the continuous pressure exerted upon it and from

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Twenty four grains of crystallized acetate of lead being dissolved

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skin and deeper layers of the wool it softens and macerates the

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able condensation judicious pruning might reduce it to half its

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is to utterly destroy the seed a glance at a microsco

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this is detrimental to the patient will not be considered

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an abnormal condition by the operation in question. The effect

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cells are also found in the canals of the sclerotic.

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which the two fevers agree are common to them and many other

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blubbering.sound slightly preceding the heart s impuLse.

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one subsequent to the attack can be secured the diagnosis becomes cer

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A provisional diagnosis of heart block may be made when there are

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been postponed it is desirable that a certificate stating the causes cf

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by Metchnikoff. Naturally his thoughts recurred to men of distinction on

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thermometers issued to the army are generally graduated in the

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