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neck the height of his forehand the position of his shou
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Thirty years since it was not uncommon to consider a sprained
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The instruction in this department consists in the fol
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of administering large doses at long intervals when either of
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associated with pain in the right leg as in strangulated hernia
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With the present issue the Montreal Medical Journal will cease
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tal Consulting Physician to the Cork Street Fever Hospital to the Coombe
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ESTABLISHED in for the Sale of every variety of Sur
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the course of the absorbents on the inside of the thighs will also
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Hellendahl. In childhood chronic interstitial nephritis is relatively rare yet
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spect to any article of the kind I have ever seen in
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but none of these developed diphtheria. One case of decided
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The method of infection is uncertain but probably the
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nant and often runs a rapid course. The myelogenous form sometimes
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either alkaloid they are found to be very insoluble. The second speci
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selves properly are much better able to resist the invasion of the tubercle
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samples of alveolar air are not reliable but this explanation is
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behind will prevail to drive a part of the blood wave back
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present case I was in great doubt notwithstanding my acquaintance with
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physicians to prescribe them more liberally as they
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There was roughness and insuflQciency of the mitral valves.
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chilly feeling nausea clammy skin very weak pulse sighing respira


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