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ever I am not acquainted is entirely competent to be used
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the part to relax the system and by restoring the various excre
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All communications relating to the business of the journal should be ad
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to the more simple methods of procedure that can be carried out
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St. Christopher s Hospital for Children Philadelphia PA
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be used to advantage in acute inflammation of the vagina and os
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readily that it soon loses all effect. We are thus not
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him I Have not doctors brought some of tliese things
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Middleton Douglas Colebrook and Fleming. Spirochaeta mor
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Ways and means are being explored that will allow greater participation by
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AHEC Teaching Conferences Fridays noon AHEC Classroom
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viously sound teeth. The writer has seen younger members
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founding them and by the microscope they can be quite easily distin
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tinguish this from other affections and especially pro
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sion. The May number opens with an interesting article by Dr.
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bodies on the cornea corneal opacities and turbidity of the
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firmer convictions as to what should or should not be done
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dition of crystallized acetic acid to chloroform in
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the gall fly of Europe it not only deposits its eggs in
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of anatomic or physiologic characteristics which though slight
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matory diseases of the uterus and its adnexa based upon
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basis in fact apart from inflammation that it may legitimately
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surprising that the strict application of this practical method
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