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liable to a penalty not exceeding one hundred and fifty
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nostic and a therapeutic measure. Accidents however do occur
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papers read. It will be found convenient for reference. The value
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it seems associated in a special manner. Vicarious epistaxis has been described
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year in all our recognized three year course veterinary colleges.
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practice of medicine he left the city and entered the
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irregular determination of blood. What is the precise nature
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icies unless there is a great disparity between the
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eases as typhoid fever. As food give mashes of bran crushed wheat or
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ment of new systems of husbandry. Under the old conditions
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dition that a similar amount should be subscribed. It is
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tested. It was one of those enlarged sacs distended with tears
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specimen on the greater curvature is the gastro enterostomy opening.
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The recover of lost functions as shown in Dr. Sachs s
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difference between the tuberculosis as we find it affecting the galli
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not in accord with the hitherto assumed effects of these drugs
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septicaemic rabbits in which there could be no sus
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in some cases oilcloth mackintosh or rubber cloth and a
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upperend of the wound. This was pulled out with a hook
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and of these. per cent were cases of simultaneous affection of the
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larly indicated conjoined especially with alteratives and pur
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for the translation of Greek scientific works into Arabic. In this way
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ports from our quarantine station have been favorable.
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habit of treating and being treated is a fruitful source of renal
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soon be hole whole. If the body be busied troubled
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These sanguineous discharges unless of extraordinary amount usu
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they are in thfe ovaries. Thus they are common in the sub
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ningococcic serum was surrounded by a suspension of meningococci no agglutina
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contributors. There is a tendency for little used words
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less but the cessation of the excretion altogether is universally a
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Finally since the presence in the blood of the antitoxin
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sought for elsewhere than in the lesion of the patches plaques. They
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which respond with contractions. Patients may be easily encouraged
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to those asked in the larger and more representative States. In sifting


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