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me)ve-el fre-e-ly. l''e)ur elays anel erne-half after the- e»()e-ra-
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have now lost the distrust and suspicion of this form
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the small intestine, caused by the kick of a horse.
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particularly desirable to determine the toleration of
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LarynRological, Rhinological anil Otological Association, Boston,
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rectly relating to the patient's mental or physical
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without difficulty. When the paraffin is semi-solid
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good has a very small perineal fistula, but is
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For the week ending Feb. 7, in Boston, according to ob-
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and friable biliary concretions, 1 to 3 mm. in size,
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favorably influencing the course of this affection in
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beef-tea, and brandy-and-water in small quantities,
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success. In one case of e[)itheli<)ma of perhaps
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considering this infection seriously. It is not at all
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he died a short time after. The difficulty about this
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(which gained the Fothergilhan Medal of the Medical
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arc not diffusible, that is, that they pass through
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of demonstrating the future possibilities of relief
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of the money, wifie will get me a suit of clothes, some
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Dr. Francis E. Wood, instructor in clinical pathology; Drs.
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dition, and with more or less extensive invasion of
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the vaccine farm operated by the Board of Health. The
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mingham, directed a memorial in favour of the claims
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both in themselves and as an indication of the direc-
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March 21, the death-rate was 17.0. Deaths reported, 4,905 ; acute
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Preceding his illness he had been working very hard,
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result fi'om the establishment of such houses in re-
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vers, one of 32 and the other of '.iH caliber, lying
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There W9.s a constant struggle to feed the patient.
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rib to the lower border of the sixth in the axillary
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breach and save that would otherwise be lost. I
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niary aid towards these objects ; and resolutions on
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and 3 cm. in diameter. It is covered with kidney capsule
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Woods, C. H., pharmacist. Granted leave of absence for


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