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Secretary of War by the Surgeon Oeneral cordially approved.

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infect harness which should be washed and greased directly

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having regained control of her nerves and considered herself

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twenty one diseases begin to increase in their mortality nine

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demonstrated by positive blood culture the injections of sodium cacody

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compresses the capillaries which immediately surround the tubercle pre

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the circumstance of an habitually intemperate person s leaving off the

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effect is produced. Another preparation which has justly acquired a

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in some one of the following lotions which dressings are to

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correspondence that the General is to allappearance

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number of workmen and people in moderate circumstances who inhabit

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involve e.vtensive areas of cutaneous surface and be pres

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difficulty arise. Ordinary intelligence is required to distinguish the various

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that are common to very many remedies. We must also beware of

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much less than a right angle the cloth deflected the

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Polypodiacea epipTiytica Drynariae affinis. Rhizomate crasso fronde

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deposits of follicular inflammation and the erosions that

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bination. Custom built bedrooms V baths living room dining room den

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I should like to hear from Dr. MacCallura as to whether

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disturbance of the general health probably implies that the

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ken of Berlin about fifteen years since and speaks of its use

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ganic or rather tissural constitutions and upon the

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violence. The author in this paper contributes four cases in

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as well as drainage corresponds to the diminished demands on the muscle.

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Carbon dioxide may be produced from dextrose or from peptone

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shown to be transmitted by the milk. An order therefore was

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informs me that many of them had drunk brandy and absinthe


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