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professors who taught at this period are to be found those

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with the Elixir previously mixed and after standing

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very serious import as it generally indicates heemorrhages between the

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giving of almost four ounces of butter and the grace

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with quinin and ferric chlorid applications of ice and

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regards the thyreoid for he found that the blood of an ani

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for a dose. It has also been used in tabellar form.

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Let us take yet another case the second one ever recorded of deatb

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Annual Meeting Fourth Tuesday in April Semi Annual First

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setting in for two hours after the medicine has been

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my observation. My experience has been that the laryngeal

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appendix it will help us very much in our diagnosis.

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of Nature. This is in effect the advocacy of the everlasting

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The bleeding as a rule sets in suddenly. Without any warning the

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Third They stimulate greater efficiency from both Actuar

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itching sores they bite the parts and the wool becomes

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portion is thrown up through the mouth and nostrils the posterior aper

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hemorrhage. It is well known that this disease if it received

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A Dairy Farm must contain the buildings for a dairy

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pause that has been induced. The lapse of some years must be

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ble nourishment abounding in mucilage rice boiled to a jelly

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Symptoms. Moderate fever prostration abdominal pain and tenderness.

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tonitis gastritis and many other acute disorders it has

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is frequently altered in some instances probably from mutual pressure so as to

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that entered the torpedo chamber inflicted several injuries upon him two contused

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Hypermstliesia sometimes occurs from spinal lesions

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He means a distortion of the knee joint and hence his

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a long coat must never be suffered to exist for an in

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a nature to establish tlie specificity and unity of dysentery.

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vulsive tic affecting the region immediately below the


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