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with the demands of modern scientific methods, is in reality a
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(2,315 grains) of melinite is far less destructive than the
da)s when he resided in Wisconsin. A daughter was bom
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to regard it as characteristic of this disease, as well as of chlorosis, that the
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I have endeavored to explain to you how homoeopathy seeks
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keep pace with the rapid advance in the practical and
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.-. . ,^ _■- , -. . i-^^^-_ t-?re p.inicilariy if rjc*! slock hai
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years vice-president of the State Insane Asylum of the
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justly claims to thus avoid "the misrepresentations of wilted
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of the Far West. And legislation in a State where scientific
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Domestic economy, as nowadays taught to " children of the
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continue in his earnest efforts to relieve the afBicted and
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below by the iliac crest, above by the twelfth rib. On the
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author from practising the precept, " Prove all things, hold fast
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He was one of the promoters of the " Hahnemann Hos-
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" Ophthalmic Notes," consisting of three parts, published in New
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is the first of its kind erected in this country, .And why
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also consulting surgeon to Lincoln Hospital, General Memorial Hos-
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So long as we continue to find the shops full of amylic alco-
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school, just as satisfactorily as ever. To homoeopathic physi-
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the leg most severely affected, I directed the patient to bathe the whole
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scribed as " simple constitutional anaemia." These often stand close to the
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T OHN CRONYN, of Buffalo, New York, was born in County Cork,
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ously debilitated. You must make provision for the renewal of
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This brings us again to the consideration of the proper prepa-
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Localized and Forcible Compression," Desportes Prize. Journal de
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to the touch and ear, and heard during inspiration and expira-
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Genito-Urinary Surgeons, June 3, 1890. In his research in heart and
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55-56 he was Lecturer on Diseases of Women in the New York Uni-
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the intention of qualifying for admittance to the medical profession,
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ourselves that this adoption of crude homoeopathy by old-school
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long, and if the wounded man is lost sight of (Russo-
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