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and other necessary material such as raw gauze instru
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and taken internally it has proved of superior efficacy in diabetes
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which sooner or later will involve death will entail a depression of mind
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pillow and lay with his face upon it. An hour and a
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There are several hypotheses advanced to account for the appear
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of horse fat being mistaken for condition whereas it is its
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to take than the gentleman alluded to and therefore requires no assist
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discussion we reported in the issue he refers to. If
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examine these bodies in the fresh state but the absence of amoeboid or
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It is climate that has produced those changes in the physi
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without any external redness the boy cannot be said to have suffered
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times to rigor. Nausea is very common and vomiting of acid food
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ago and none of the cases of this year have been incorporated
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the six cases reported by Sprunt and Evans some of Naegeli s cases
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micro be the action of which upon whatever tissue affected produces histolo
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besides as they very seldom strike parsons at a distance their
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The following remarks by Mr. Stanley are interesting
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after large doses of the bromide of sodium than occurs after
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account of ill health. Upon his return from the war as soon
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majority staining badly and being dead. Outside the body the blond
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most prominent symptom is pain in the back and extremities pro


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