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spend enough time in the cities to enable them to find out
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could be recovered from him ; any further claim must be made against
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E. S. W. asks where he can buy a pocket note book adapted to meet the
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Sutton, Charles 8., M.B., Ch.B.Melb., appointed Public Vaccinator at
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months of gestation by fibroids of the uterine wall, and in
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examination of one group of malignant growths, namely, the
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not mean to say that we never meet with children that have
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definitely increased in size when the influence of cedema or
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be loaded, with alcohol, five years (with six months for each
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we are told, consider " Julia's " revelations to be worthy of
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it is borne, not by. the town which benefits by his isolation,
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continuity. Slany of the paragraphs are necessarily short,
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pole i" " Preeently Mervpl'a features, whicli up to that mo-
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man of the Sanitary Committee of Birmingham says the
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occupied three to four days, so that the advance was slow.
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that view is shared by every medical man that I spoke to on
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around, formed by the liquefaction of the nutrient gela-
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spherules, external to the host (after Balbiani) ; c, d, sporulation
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gardens and fireworks. There will be short excursions to
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in the trustees, the incomeis then to go to the said hospital. He
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men by first tying the vessels in the broad ligaments, and
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Placilla." A report by Surgeon E. R. Stitt, of tlic United States Navy, is
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8urgeon-i 'olonel S. B Hunt, Madras Establishment, is appointed to
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faintest trace of vagina existed, and only a rudimentary
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extend to 35 years, but often it did not reach a third of that
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defcription and accurate illustrations of Dr. Ruffer and Mr.
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Case hi. Senal Cancer.— Ur G., 6.t or thereabouts, was operated upon
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ounces of water and 1 ounce of turpentine injected ; body in-
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Patrick's Place, Cork; W. G. Black, F.R.C.S.Ed., 24, Ellison
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others, and quoted cases in support of the opinion that
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I liave met with cases in which such apparatus, as well as
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an imperfection in the tissues, as where a cancer starts in an
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The 153rd meeting of the Scottish ITniversities Commis-
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Q., who is a workhouse medical officer, writes to say that he charged the
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