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There is no doubt that this malady attacks mares more
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Mackenzie at the London Hosj ital open twice a week and two or
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be most carefully examined bj inspection and palpation. We must see
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beyond the pupillar space and the image of the light from the candle
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tration of his burial indicates this. The entry is simply
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liad harelip and no roof to his mouth and six fingers to each
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tiple abscesses are almost invariably metastatic and conse
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probability he will find it somewhere within these pages and by means of
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fore us a large field for experimental therapeutics.
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eral rule if respiration has just ceased and the heart is still
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aoquaiDtBoce with which enables the analytical sdad to be
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did when an attempt was made at extraction. If this did not
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be most carefully examined bj inspection and palpation. We must see
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which the bacillus of leprosy or Spirillum ohermeieri can be artificially culti
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as demonstrating that the gas may come exclusively from one renal pelvis
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of intestine. The physicians who held this consultation were gen
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so as to facilitate cleaning by removing a lodging place
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grounds. The School Program is fully integrated into the hospital treatment program
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consider as those between and I consider as and those
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chief symptoms sometimes rapidly changing and affect
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serve attention Slake parts of lime with sufficient water
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from the throat show the absence of the diphtheria bacilli
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all establishments in turn. Measures which insure harmony be
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whole left side of the thorax anteriorly the vocal fremitus is exag
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nomenon has little diagnostic value since blanching occurred in only
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that of sweating which it greatly promotes. It is used in
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of June to the st of November and my patient has been
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The eruption appears sooner or later in different persons but at
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dividing the colon transversely above the anastomosis and turning the
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here too turn on preventing the return of the fits in general.
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her more trouble and she first noticed a a strange ap
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atrophy of several of the nerve bundles with increase of the
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been maltreated and too closely confined and this explains tho
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destroy the credibility of the relaters than to prove that she had
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narrow white rings entire or broken there is sometimes
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or six times a day. The tincture made by adding two ounces of
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and Washington the Southeast. As a reason for meeting in the
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such certificate declaration or order to be false or forged issues
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There is the responsibility of benevolence for example.
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first he could not credit my statement he had never been frost bitten.
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affected than the hands though not infrequently one of the hands becomes


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