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A vote of condolence with the friends of the late Mr. Marcus
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not oiiw which the . South' K isterii Branch hai ev»-r favoured.
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already caused a revolution in the conceptions of physicists about the
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up to its requirements if the northern universities are left
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in treatment, particularly if a bad breath accompanies or follows the
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As a rule, however, it is easily diagnosed by the presence of pains
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other cardiac affection, causing what is termed the "bovine heart,"
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fectiousness, as, for instance, whether a tuberculous cow with
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respondent. " examination of the water of every new well, there being no
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25,000 to 40,000 per c.nmi., its variations having no bearing upon
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pain. In this form the nervous tnmks leading to the affected areas
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po.-t rnorttm are of excessive rarity. I allude to cases of pneu-
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but even this passive exercise should not last more than twenty minutes
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cashire and Cheshire Branch of the British Medical Association request
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such convulsions in my office that were completely typical of the disease,
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it is not surprising, therefore, to find that any organ can give
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and was not analogous to gangrene of the extremities. As to
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urine; the urine, however, is of low specific gravity and contains
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characteristic gestures. The use of one finger-tip to localize it on the
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the most recondite and baflEling of medical problems.
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While the presence of edema is one of the most easily recognizable
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patient nor to the surgeon to allow a suspected case of cholelithiasis
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thus outlined varies according to the previous chronidty of the case.
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may have a number of cutaneous manifestations, the conunonest being
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some being very large, the cells imbedded on the surface
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Practically, the most important fact about scarlet fever is its quick
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patient is now able to take some rice, well cooked, and a few zwieback
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