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The Treasurer said that, as had been stated, it was entirely a ques-
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Huxley has done this, thougli somewhat vaguely, under the terms
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It appeared to me at the time I wrote this, and I have seen no cause
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material soul, have fallen into the error of Stahl. In their haste to
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had happened, not from the fault of the operator, but from the fault of
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union doctor should give his time entirely to the poor, or should be
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WEDNESDAY.— Hunterian Society. 7.30 p.m.. Meeting of Council. 8 p.m..
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to the working of the Metropolitan Asylums Act of 1867; and Mr.
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ichor for a fortnight afterwards. He was now able to leave his bed ;
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;^67 :4 : 9 in 1867. For the 35 county asylums in which criminal
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moisture and warmth are favourable to the spread of the poison — that,
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improvement of habits and habitations would lead to the diminution of
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been done was, through the force of circumstances, left undone ; but it
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vice. But was the latter policy for the people's good ? He remem-
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5, 6, 7. Hospital Scholarships, value each £10, for proficiency and
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exemption of some whole families from the disease however exposed to
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Hayden oT Dublin, Dr. Robert Barnes, Dr. Protheroe Smith, Dr. Graily Hewitt,
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in mortality was greatest, not in amputations of the thigh (which opera-
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Rosa Anne, third daughter of '•R. Gardiner Hill, L.R. C.P.Ed., of Earl's Court
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stated in evidence that he was called to see the deceased, but that she
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a quarter of a century ; at the same time, I am anxious to state that
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words from a very interesting private letter of the author dated June
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for cheap education of the highest class at the University of Oxford
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quarterly return states that 19 visitors and 9 hospital patients were
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length Through each hole is passed a piece of twine, about six inches
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for\varded to the Lord President of the Privy Council.
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Mr. GoSCHEN said that the question as to the registration of disease
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University begins on the 25th of the current month, as previously an-
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Pregnancy, in which two pouches of fluid presented at the same time.
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matter in medical reform, found as its exponents only the members of the
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affairs. In consequence of the mobilisation, many thousands of wives
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Session, £^ 5s. ; half Session, £2, 3s. ; perpetual, £(> 6s. ; g, h, it,
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these minute living particles that would leave their nature an open
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as the spirits or demons who presided over the movements of the celes-
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Countenrritation, by means of issues in the temples, stimulant appli-
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which starts every week from Liverpool to Genoa, performing the
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