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tion is that there is some lesion of the central nervous system; but
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eased conditions commonly spoken of as nephritfa as inflammations of the
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curring in diabetes and a i:)recedent arterial disease. The arterio-
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who teach that they may sometimes exist in the articulations without
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the end of a few months or years. Careful dietetic treatment, liow-
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from its fancied resemblance to a grape. It causes great disfigure-
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Though the indiscriminate use of the lancet was condemned by
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the womb in order to separate it. Strong traction upon the cord
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the diabetic a nutritive material of subordinate rank, since they are
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nomena of uraemia by the toxic action of any one constituent of the urine,
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persons must exercise more than ordinary caution in the matter of
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Some poisons are occasionally introduced into the system through
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at breathing into rhythmical relation with the pace. One to two steps
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ness and are caused by the motion of the vessel, which affects
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Certain subvarieties of uraemic convulsions must be referred to. Thus, in
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schoolrooms. The crowded condition especially of city school-
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is the condition of the middle joints of the fingers, \^'hich are some-
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ful. The solution may be flavored with syrup of bitter orange peel
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1^, where pressure on the return circulation might in a measure account
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One minim of this solution injected into the i)eritoneal cavity of a
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anasarca of nephritis involving face, hands, etc., is not present. The urine
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There are two kinds of disease — -functional and organic. Disease
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cord ought not to be tied, till it has nearly stopped pulsating, and it
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colored blood, as comx>ared to the above- described findings in true
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most temporary relief and in the long run tends to aggravate the
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cells are constantly paying their debt to nature by dying, and as such are
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right knee, and both wrists. The patient was depressed and sunk in
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paralyzing the sugar-consuming function, cannot be safely predicted.
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From reliable statistics we learn that consumption causes the
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not in a position to give any accurate account of the nature of the
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way of simplification, where the methods in use had
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soon assuming considerable proportions, by which the amount of
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in the body, because they are not poisonous, and probably exercise
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2 or 3 cc.; he finds it b a true renal suppression. This may continue for
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articular ends of the bones, and the affected joints exhibit, as Char-
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and wakefulness so often characteristic of the insane should be
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Jaffe's test for indican is carried out, chloroform takes up abundance of purple
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reciprocal relations of the skin and kidneys being known, it is very
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smooth and soft. It is not tender upon pressure and jaundice and


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