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likely to prove successful in the cure or the alleviation of con

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dermoid cyst with which was associated a fibroid uterus.

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actions keep nearly at the same point and especially where adynamic

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which would be strongly against the probability of the symptoms being

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program and also by the complimentary and encouraging ad

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longitudinal plantar arches with a corresponding increase

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Mu.LEU M.D Director of the Department of Normal His

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as well as untselp pblice bion be boenbum facientibus

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Poison from plants may cause suffering and death though it may not

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Woodhead and Crookshanks the loss is rather an aesthetic

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or three days after. Some of the leading men of the poison

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crete or confluent as convulsions severe backache and high fever may pre

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by a score of to o. The Union men slugged fiercely

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part at the annual dinner of tlie Medical Society of the State

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as from that disease. The following table which is derived from the

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of the common percussion of active aneurism to the disease.

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ened and opaque and the left ventricular wall was hypertrophied.

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SYMPTOMS. The patient experiences intense pain in the region of

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obstruction. Again as fluids were usually witbheld from the

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Cylindroids are most readily found in freshly voided

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possess sufficient information as to how often distant glands and distant

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This must be accompanied by a certificate of good moral char

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sulphur are useful for the general symptoms. Give water sparingly a

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cases taken at random from my case book which illustrate

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treme frequency of pulse there mentioned was not present yet the heart

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in the practice of medicine that where a great variety of

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cumstances. The acute forms are accompanied with general fever con

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The cases occurring in the course of infectious diseases may be ex


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