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the physiology of the liver. Phenol ingestion is too toxic for clinical use.

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distinction between letting a patient die and making that

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Db. Williams Boston One of the things which I thought X

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respondcnt Over Parfcular Dr. Wardell Tunbridgc Wells Mr. Walter

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the results of practical experience. We readily admit

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man s stable. If she enters a dealer s stable she must

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entail distress and disgrace on the mother consequently they are

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peat after others and that he can write and recognize

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dren in the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania amp c.

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partially closed eyelids when hypnotized as some patients do

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loric orifice into the stomach and thence to be vomited or washed out.

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ecology. This rathpr new field of fire ecology he explains extlremely

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prognoftic alfo refpe amp s this circumftance Qui fact

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were spent in deep poverty. He was however able to attend

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ducted using students from th and th grades at Bridge

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leucocytosis implies a bad prognosis. After antitoxin injections the

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as was also the liver. A diagnosis of malignant tumor

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progress is in the direction of operative measures and that

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sweats and no liemoptysis and the appetite was good. The mother

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It differs from tubercle in having no involvement of glands and

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The elastic ligature might be reserved for those who would on no

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per minute. Finally two more drops of saturated solution were added

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are commonly deep. Louis s angle is prominent. The epigastric costal

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should be able to lay down the indications and contraindications for this

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of culture and learning as men. While the faculty believe that the

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is now swept to the outer border of the malar bcioe the upper

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on a direct current galvanometer. One scale reading would corre

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them to steady their hands but when the immediate effect is over

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of the bulbous enlargement of the tips of the extremities shows dilated and

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probability of uterine infection I am not sure whether

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In the various flexions and versions also neoplasms

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both strength and rhythm. The abdomen was uniformly soft retracted and

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first been brought into etScient anteflexion the walls then hav

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preserve any tumours or other pathological specimens in such a state that


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