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teristic. The patient in some cases lies or sits all day in
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medical officers in the miliUa. I ersons of intelligence
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responsible authorities with reference to the results
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apparait on la combat avant qu elle se soit localisee comme
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also of the painful sensations felt in the stomach are directly due to
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tively trifling compared with the advantages and freedom from
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ment as the distressing effect of and copious diaphoresis the immediate oonse
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suppuration are found throughout the gland substance bulging
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two large basins full of fluid patient complains of weakness for
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influence which the muscles exert when the support is
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Another patient went through certain motions with his
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above named thereby producing paralysis and insensibility in vary
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treatment pursued in this case. He doubted very much
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cludes the possibility that alterations of nutrition
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explained. A previous experience with diphtheria bad
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highest rapports whilst I shall feel that in disseminating amongst
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disturbed innervation and nutrition hot hands and feet with occasional
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The shepherd was most profuse in his expressions of gratitude
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form of our system of death certification from these rev
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the labor and subsequently. The soiled personal and bed
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growths from the point and sides of various sizes separated by fissures in
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