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principles have led to the subject being investigated by Dr. Andrew

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bladder. The stone was seized and it was then found that by

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iron more chloride of iron produces the well known blue color.

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of St George s Hospital under the care of Dr Heberden ju

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To state my conclusions briefly i This was a case of

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stance giving the ferric chloride reaction. The latest

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are not only impotent but the anatomical development and

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The true student of medicine who never wears out reads this

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presence of water in the chest and have always had my judg

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is applied to the land. In some places the sewage is con

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A pad of lint should be placed over all and repose ensured by

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practice to an improved pathology and diagnosis whereby the

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season and local or particular circumstances all tend to render

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cases in which contirmotLS enteroclysis was used did the elvminati ng

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lungs. Cloudy swelling of the liver with slight chronic pas

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Dr. Barton retired to private life wealth it is said having

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and to the outer side of the patella. It was about one

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field of research and with the observations of the older as well as

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of lime a still greater heat may be attained. Sand

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is slight with occasional colicky pains and a quick small pulse. The

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farm to every competent agriculturist that can be prepared for

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been obtained which are sufficient to afford information as

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biniodide of mercury as well as preventing a recurrence

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of the Brazilian caves. Then we are told that the pliocene or

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tions of physiolog. Without the frog how would Marshall Hall have

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vice of the United States as is the National Board of

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The whole number of patients was of which only were

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Voted that two deputy librarians be appointed and that

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explorer and the governor of the world of which animals are incap

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the burned tissue is transplanted to another healthy


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