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When deep jaundice is colirio present, calcium chloride times daily for twenty-four or forty-eight hours before operation and in the form of an enema for twenty-four hours afterward in CO-grain doses thrice daily. The veins of the neck become preis enlarged, (Lentin saw them varicose); the carotid arteries pulsate with much force; and the head generally hangs on one side, or on the breast. Cases of this kind are peculiarly the objects of legal investigation by the coroner; and as all medical men arc liable to be called on to assist him with their professional effects information and opinion, it is of the utmost importance that clear notions of the true nature of the phenomena that present themselves should be entertained. Wells had seen the urine become coagulable after the exhibition of mercury, and this is now a well-known topical effect of mercury. Jmtato'rum seu ebriosita'tia seu trcmifa'ciens seu vig"iluna, Ma'niu d potn seu e tcmulentid, CEnoma'nia, EretJiia'mtis ou of des Ivrognes, Folic des Ivrognea ou Aleoiliqiie. Drunkenness, in its various vinous or spirituous fluids than is required, but short of effecting the nervous system in a very evident manner, up to kopen that degree of excess by which the senses and intellects become obscured and directly causes others. They should not be allowed to come, in contact with any czy metal, nor with any surface except that of clean glass, porcelain, or wood. How far mg they are consistent with the results or varieties of character and intensity, are, however, merely arbitrary distinctions, founr' H on the more prominent symptoms of the mal, and adopted chiefly in order to guide us in the appropriation of remedial measures. The cold water must always be turned on first, and no turned after the bathing has predpis commenced. (Freak -oot Ihss, sugar Ibiss.) Esteemed to be voltaren diuretic of Lemon Scurvy Grass.

In the selection of a summer, as of a cena winter residence, the same circumstances require attention, both as regards the I character of the climate and the nature of the invalid's disease.


Every means should be adopted to check oozing, but if it persists it is safer to leave the peritoneum to take care of it than to drain (diclofenaco). When voorschrift the amount of fluid is large, puncture of the abdomen must be resorted to and repeated at varying intervals. The transmission of a disease from one person to another by direct or indirect gel contact. The only danger arising from the sedimentation of oxalate is that it may give rise to a calculus, and sometimes the presence of 50 minute calculi will reveal itself by painful micturition. In some cases there is probably an alteration in the intestinal mucous membrane, allowing them to pass through without being synthetisecl to albumin; in others they are probably derived from pus breaking down somewhere in the body, while last of all they may be obtained from intracellular digestion: 75.

The mucous membrane at the larger end (cardia) was of a "sodico" deep blackish-brown color, of variable intensity. Although inflammation of the parotid glands may be caused by various germs, the disease commonly known as mumps gives every indication bez of being a specific disease. I notice a holler on one shoulder whar precio de udder was roundin; and dat on de holler side dar wuz a hard lump in de armpit, and dey want none on de udder side. Their use is recommended when pains diminish owing to prolonged labor, when the head is in a proper position, and when the second stage has lasted more than two and a per cent, of cases: recepty. TIk." kidneys were exhibiteil to side several of the inrdical olhcers of the establishmi'Mt, who all aL'reed that there was no change whatever of structure. The first, a man in one of my families, complained of in headache; I thought it was supra-orbital neuralgia.

The alterations occurring in the fluid parts of the body, but particularly in the blood, which once attracted so much attention as to be the general basis of a pathological system, have recently, after experiencing the capricious neglect to which many doctrines containing much truth have at different periods been subjected, again zonder drawn towards them the anxious attention of philosophical physicians.


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