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They were dosed with morphine and chloral and such other things
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inal route can hardly offset its palpable disadvantages.
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ume to which the late Professor Lane used to refer facetiously
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Regarding a reflex phenomenon as involving an impression conveyed by
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week ended December. From this Report it appears that
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of cases have been made by Logan and Sanford McNeil Smithies
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be seen later on uncomplicated yaws is essentiallj a non ulcerative
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zygomatics had undergone simple atrophy or emaciation. Other muscles
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mere loss of the small quantity of blood which they
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Consumption in which a routine treatment is strongly condemned for
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gesting some affection of certain spinal segments. In some cases there may
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The only valid objection which can be urged against this
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cataract. Finally compensatory hypertrophy re establishing
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The daily ration served to this patient during both the presplenectomy and
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would choose to perform this operation to that of the
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choice for detecting wild measles strains was much less effective in
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suppuration purulent infiltration abscess gangrene or
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hospital without any evident cause but merely through one of
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afterwards with mercury. He became much better but did not entirely regain his
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medical officers at present labour are we are satisfied
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fection does not as I think conflict with it. The reasons
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sirable for sanitarians to carefully consider the question of
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mental confusion failure of memory difficulty of attention and comprehen
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two years commonly from the third to the sixth year and then
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nary Surgeotis of Great Britain Consulting Veterinarian to the New
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opium and peppermint you do not indeed need to know
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the breast they are spheroidal where normally pavement
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Family History. One brother is a confirmed dipsomaniac
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there is absolute ill health of the Russian Jews as a whole
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used this for the past fifteen years with good results
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chances of recovering large damages which will inevitably retard
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Amount smoked in pipes and cigars much of which is imported
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contents of the gall bladder are then gradually removed by absorption
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use of plasters or bandages to retain the medication


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